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domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Convidado Marcilio ZappMan

01 Somethin' For The People - You Dont Have To Be Alone (Feat. Roger Troutman)
02 Bigg Robb - Float On (Feat. Larry ''The Floaters', Omar Cunningham and Archie Love)
03 Roger Troutman II - Being Alone (Feat. Brent Luv)
04 Zapp & Roger - Take Me Back
05 Bobby Glover - It's My Turn
06 Dick Smith - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
07 Mico Wave - Instant Replay (Feat. Roger Troutman)
08 New Horizons - I Can't Tell You
09 Shirley Murdock - Spend My Whole Life (Feat. Dale DeGroat)
10 Human Body - As We Lay
11 Sara S - How Sweet (Feat. Terry ''Zapp'' Troutman)
12 Johnny Gill - It's Your Body (Feat. Roger Troutman)
13 H-Town - A Thin Line Between Love & Hate (Feat. Shirley Murdock and Roger Troutman)
14 L.S.G. - My Body (Feat. Roger Troutman)
15 Keith Sweat - Let Me Put Your Lovin Through The Test (Feat. Roger Troutman)
16 Da Problem Solvas - Baby I'm Sorry

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andraderoberto@ig.com.br disse...

musicas de garbo e elegancia.

Roberto Andrade DJ "Kiko"

wonder ... wonder ...
songs of gracefulness and elegance.
Roberto Andrade DJ "Kiko"