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quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

Love Song's 50 By Valquiria

1-JEAN CARNE – Love don’t love nobody
2-CLASSIC EXEMPLE – Can you find a place in your heart
3-THE BAR-KAYS & SHIRLEY BROWN – We can stay together
4-ALEXANDER O’NEAL – Crying overtime
5-RODNEY FRANKLIN – You’ll never know
6-D-TRAIN – Ice melts in to rain
7-OLIVER CHEATHAM – Never gonna give you up
8-KHEMISTRY – There’s no me without you
9- ATLANTIC STARR – Girl your love so fine
10-MONTELASS – Make it up last time
11-ERYKAH BADU – Next Lifetime
12-NDUGO – A chance with you
13-THE DELFONICS – Everytime I see my baby
14-BOBBY WOMACK – I ain’t got to love nobody else
15-EARTH WIND & FIRE – Wanna be with you
16-THE REFLEXTIONS- She’s my summer breeze

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