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quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2009

Love Song's 49 By Jonas Melodia

1º- THE ISLEY BROTHERS – love comes and goes

2º- ONE WAY – you’re so very special
3º- SCOTT WHITE – time has a hold on love
4º- BOBBY WOMACK & PATTI LABELLE – love has finally come at last
5º- JAMES BROWN – regret’s
6º- RICK JAMES – I believe in u
7º- THE JACKSONS FIVE – good times
8º- LIVIN IN A BOX – room in your heart
9º- NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK – valentine girl
10º- THE FIT – here we go
11º- DAZZ BAND – open sesame
12º- MIDNIGHT STAR – let’s celebrate
13º- BY ALL MEANS – stay with me tonight
14º- OLIVER CHEATHAM & JOCELYN BROWN – turn out the lights
15º- C&C MUSIC FACTORY – I wanna blow your mind
16º- VIKKI LOVE – you’re the one

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