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quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2009

Love Song's vol 36 (By Dj Falcon)

01-Zingara - You Sure Know to Love Me
02-Booker T. - I Want You
03-Lew Kirton -Time to get Whit It
04-Marvin Sease -Dreaming
05-Silver Platinum - I Made It
06-Kinmam Dazz - I Night as Well Forget About Lovin You
07-Anthony Watson - Cause I Love You
08-Jean Caris - Sweet and Tender Love
09-David Hudson - Honey Honey
10-Joanna Gardner - Pick Up The Pieces
11-Tamika Patton - You Precious Love
12-The Sequence - I Just Want to Love You Baby
13-Eloise Whitaker - Lovin Womam
14-Jeanie Tracy - Come Make Love Me
15-Cece Peniston - Inside That I Cried
16-O.C. Smith - Together

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andraderoberto@ig.com.br disse...

musicas de garbo e elegancia.

Roberto Andrade DJ "Kiko"