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domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2009

Love Song's By Roberto

De Love Song's

01-R. Kelly - Religious Love
02-Times - Shine
03-Mokenstef - Hes' Mine
04-Browstone - Five Miles To Empty
05-Cassie - Girl
06-Tony Braxton - Breathe Again (Spanish Version)
07-The Gabiz - Shookie Shookie (Gimme Some Of You Sweet Cookie)
08-Terry Steele - Prisioner Of Your Love
09-Peabo Bryson - Catch 22
10-Troy Hinton - Sure Fire Feeling
11-By All Means - I'd Rather Be Lonely
12-Paul Laurence - She's Gone
13-Broomfield - Where Do A Go From Here
14-Cool'r - Love Me All My Life
15-Terry Tate - Babies Having Babies
16-Dee Dee Wilde - Lap Of Luxury

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andraderoberto@ig.com.br disse...

musicas de garbo e elegancia.

Roberto Andrade DJ "Kiko"